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DAX 100-1500

This Latest Portable Daewoo High Pressure Washer DAX100-1500W is a high level technology machine designed to clean faster and in an effective way with big saving of water and reduced electric load requirement. It requires less power and delivers for almost all pressure washing jobs.
Ideal for Car Washing, AC Service, Floor Cleaning and other household pressure washing & stain removal uses.
The Daewoo electric motor is designed specifically for use in high-pressure pumps and provides the optimum ratio of speed and torque. The engine does not demand maintenance throughout all term of operation.
Independent water intake: The function allows the use of autonomous water sources such as a bucket or barrel to power the car wash. The recommended length of the supply hose is no more than 2 meters (inlet hose is not included in the package).
Auto shut off: The device is equipped with a water sensor that automatically turns off the power of the pump when there is an interruption in the water supply. Due to this, the possibility of overheating of the electric motor and washing out of operation is excluded.
The built-in filter: is designed for mechanical cleaning of water supplied to the device from solids that can damage the pump impeller or the spray valve
The reinforced high-pressure hose: has a safety margin that greatly exceeds the capacity of the pump, making it easy to withstand peak loads at the moments of starting and stopping the engine, and is also resistant to external mechanical stress.
Foam generator bottle included: A special nozzle on the gun with a reservoir for liquid detergents allows you to economically and quickly apply the foam to the surface to be cleaned.

  • Max Pressure: 110 Bar
  • Rated Pressure: 70 Bar
  • Max Flow: 408 L/h
  • Auto Stop System: Yes
  • Max Water Inlet Temperature: 40’c
  • Includes: Detergent Bottle.

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