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DAX 120-1600

This Daewoo High Pressure Washer DAX120-1600 Is A High-Level Technology Machine Designed To Clean Faster And In An Effective Way With Big Saving Of Water.
Daewoo Offers A Wide Pressure Washer, Which Was Developed To Meet All End-Users Needs. From Low-Intensity, Tasks or Routine Jobs to Intense or Specialized Assignments. The Solutions Are Innovative And Versatile, And Come With A Full Range Of Accessories To Ensure Excellent Performance At All Times And Situations.
More Cleaning Performance, Better Ergonomics and Easy Storage. Daewoo High-Pressure Washers Will Benefit Users Thanks To Compact Design, Efficiency, Ergonomics And Easy Use. All This Added To The Superior Cleaning Results, Saving Time And Water.


  • Max Pressure: 130 Bar
  • Rated Pressure: 80-90 Bar
  • Max Flow: 420 L/h
  • Auto Stop System: Yes
  • Max Water Inlet Temperature: 50’c

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