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GDA 11050

If you decide to repair your house ; more than the distance that the wires can reach, then you cannot do without such a useful thing as a gasoline generator! It allows you to not limit yourself and carry out repairs where needed. A striking example of an excellent gasoline generator will be the model Daewoo. Reasons to give preference to Daewoo This device has many advantages over other models and here are some of them: 1. Production is carefully monitored, and before sending to the buyer, the generator is tested. 2. Simplicity in product operation. 3. There is a convenient fuel indicator that allows you to visually monitor the supply of gasoline. . Daewoo GDA 11050/B Technical Specifications Daewoo GDA 11050/B gasoline generator is a four-stroke, single cylinder. He manufactured according to the latest requirements for the manufacture of such devices. The motor life of the device is impressive-more than 2000 hours, and due to the increased tank (26 liters), the operating time was increased by as much as 14 hours. Moreover, although the weight of the Daewoo is 98.5 kg, a specially designed design makes the movement of the device easy and convenient. If you want to purchase a truly high-quality product that will serve you for a long time, make your choice in the use of Daewoo. Specifications -ENGINE Engine type: single cylinder, 4 stroke, Air cooled, OHV. Bore x stroke: 92*69 mm Displacement: 458 cc Max net power: 12 kW / 3600 rpm Indicated power: 9.4 kW / 3600 rpm Max torque: 27 N.m / 2500 rpm Start: Electric -GENERATOR Rated power: 7.0 kW Max power: 7.5 kW Fuel tank capacity: 25 L NW/GW: 98.5/101 kg

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