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GDA 5256

The Daewoo GDA 5256 gas generator is a powerful single-phase model with many features. Often it is used:
- To power household appliances in country houses;
- As a backup source in an emergency;
- At construction sites.

The rated power of the station is 2.9 kW; the panels have sockets with constant voltage of 220 V.
Daewoo chose its own engine, which is designed for many hours of load and transient overload. Its working life is 1500 hours without maintenance. Additional air cooling system provides temperature balance.
Fully copper winding on the alternator extends the life of the device, although it slightly increases its cost.
For easy inclusion, the Daewoo GDA 5256 is equipped with an electric starter, but the traditional manual start with a spring-loaded mechanism is available
Automation is represented by ATS and ARV blocks that regulate voltage and turn off the station when overloaded to networks. Gasoline sensors and oils can also turn off the generator at a critical low fuel level.
15-liter steel tank provides operation for 15 hours at half load.
The frame has a corrosion-resistant coating. The frame partially dampens vibration while the generator is running, and the installed muffler eliminates noise.
Engine and other key elements are multi-level tested for reliability. The small dimensions of the device make it easy to deliver it to the required space

  1. Engine type: single cylinder, 4 stroke,
  2. Air-cooled, OHV.
  3. Bore x stroke: 70*58 mm
  4. Displacement: 223 cc
  5. Max net power: 5.3 kW / 3600 rpm
  6. Indicated power: 4.2 kW / 3600 rpm
  7. Max torque: 12.5 NM / 2500 rpm
  8. Start: Electric


  • Rated power: 2.8 kW
  • Max power: 3.0 kW
  • Fuel tank capacity: 15 L
  • NW/GW: 51/54 kg






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