Power Sprayer 25L


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The DAPSG3525 is portable, flexible, and efficient for the protection of plants. It is mainly used in the prevention and cure of diseases and pests of plants such as cotton, rice, wheat, fruit trees, tea, bananas, etc. It also can be used for chemical weeding, prevention of epidemics, sanitation protection in cities, plant protection, etc.


1. Long lifetime
2. The main part is the two-way piston pump. The structure is simple and compact, making it easy to maintain.
3. This machine has high pressure, high flow, and good efficiency, so the protective effect is very evident.

Engine Type:

Single cylinder,
4 stroke, air-cooled
Displacement: 35.8 cc
Compression ratio: 8.0:1
Power: 1.0 kW/7000 rpm
Starting system: Recoil
Ignition system: Transistorized
Fuel tank capacity: 1 L
Engine oil capacity: 0.1 L