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Maximize Efficiency: Affordable Angle Grinder Price in Pakistan Now Available With Daewoo Power Products

Do you want to know angle grinder price in Pakistan?

Then you must visit Daewoo Power Products website for the prices as well as the models of angle grinders available at our store.

Angle grinders are a very interesting and important tool that helps you carry out numerous tasks at your house and even at the workplace.

In this article we will discuss the uses of angle grinders as well as discuss small angle grinder price in Pakistan.

What is an angle grinder? What is angle grinder price in Pakistan?

An angle grinder is a great tool that allows you to carry out many tasks like cutting, grinding, polishing, sharpening and even cleaning. It can work with a wide range of materials like iron, brass, copper, tile stone etc.

An air grinder has discs that rotate rapidly and carry out the various tasks.

The operating speed of the angle grinder is as high as 12,000 revolutions per minute (rpm) and as low as 2800 rpm. Moreover, you can change the speed of the discs according to the requirement of your task.


How an angle grinder does operate?

The Daewoo angle grinder can be connected to a socket and can be directly operated. Moreover, battery-operated grinders are also available.

Furthermore, the angle grinder must be used with proper protective equipment like gloves, glasses, mask and earplugs.

The 9 inch grinder price varies according to its specifications and also the model. The price starts from as low as PKR8000 to PKR25000.

What are the uses of an angle grinder?

The uses of the angle grinder are as follows:

Grinding of Metal:

When you need to cut the pieces of metal you can attach a grinding disk. The grinding disks can be made of aluminium carbide.

When you turn on the grinder, the discs start spinning very quickly and help you execute your task.

Finishing of Metal:

You can use the grinder for the perfect finishing of a metal substance. The corners can be made smooth and clear by using a grinder.

Remove paint:

You can get rid of old paint from your metal substance without damaging it by using an angle grinder.

The 9 inch angle grinder price is highly affordable at the Daewoo Power Products and you can get a high quality equipment to fulfil your requirement.

How to take care of your angle grinder?

Taking care of such essential equipment increases its lifetime and you won’t need to purchase a new one soon.

However, taking good care and maintaining the product is significant. So, these are the points for good maintenance of your angle grinder:

Daily maintenance:

While taking care of your equipment you must be very careful and use protective gloves, glasses, mask and ear plugs.

Moreover, make sure that the angle grinder is disconnected and the switch is removed from the plug to prevent mishaps.

The daily care of the angle grinder includes:

  • Before using the grinder, make sure that the cable is free of cracks and folds as it can cause electric shock.
  • Keep the equipment clean and dust-free.
  • If you find any part of your grinder damaged, get it fixed immediately.

The 4 inch angle grinder price in Pakistan can be determined according to it’s specifications.

Fortnightly maintenance:

The fortnight maintenance requires a thorough cleansing of your angle grinder. You can use soapy water and a soft brush to wipe off dust and grime. Avoid high-pressure washing as it can damage the machine.

Furthermore, check the grinding heads and if you find some odd movements then you must replace them. The 7 inch angle grinder price in Pakistan is somewhat between 10000 PKR to 25000 PKR.

Monthly care:

The monthly maintenance of the angle grinder is as important as the weekly of daily care is.

  • In order to get your machine working for a longer period, you must have a detailed look at it. So that it stays in good shape for long and helps you carry out your tasks effectively.
  • First of all, check the screws as they may have become loose due to vibrations. So tighten them or replace them if they have worn out.
  • Check the grinding cover, and grinding plates and scrape the dust underneath the grinding cover.

9 angle grinder price in Pakistan cannot be replaced again and again so that is why regular care is necessary.

The angle grinder is one of the essential equipment at your construction spot, moreover, if you are interested in DIY then this device is a must in your tool kit. It can help you with several tasks. Moreover, the angle grinder 5 inch price in Pakistan at Daewoo Power Products is highly affordable and easy on your pocketbook. You can get high quality products at low price that last long.

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