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Power On: Competitive Electric Generator Price in Pakistan by Daewoo Power Products


Are you fed up with load shedding? Do you want to get rid of the stress you go through while the power is cut? Don’t worry, there is one of the best and the latest techniques to overcome this problem. So let’s discuss what an electric generator is and also the electric generator price in Pakistan.

An electric generator is a machine that operates on fuel, that may be gasoline or diesel or both. The generators are mostly dual fuel or some of them strictly run on natural gas.

An electric generator can be used as a substitute to produce electricity at times when you do not have electricity. It is a must-have appliance at many places for instance educational institutes, hospitals, markets, shops etc.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss generators in detail and jarnetar price in Pakistan.

Electric Generator Price in Pakistan

What is an electric generator?

 An electric generator is a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. It transmits and distributes electricity over power lines to many domestic, commercial and industrial clients. It also produces electrical power for automobiles, aircraft ships etc.

The generator cost in Pakistan varies according to the model, company and size.

What is the electrical generator price in Pakistan?

The Daewoo generator price in Pakistan is as low as PKR35,000 and as high as PKR200,000.

Daewoo Power Products has high-quality electric products for you that help you during load shedding or when you’re facing voltage problems.

What are the types of gasoline generators?

The gasoline generators run on gasoline and they operate by converting mechanical energy into electricity. It is one of the reliable sources of electricity where power may be insufficient or unavailable. The generator price in Pakistan depends on its type as well.

Generally, there are two main types of generators:

  • Stationary Generator: Stationary generators or standby generators are wonderful sources to furnish homes and large businesses with power backup. These generators are large and are installed permanently at a location. It provides electricity for prolonged periods and starts automatically when a power cut occurs. Standby generators are bulky, heavy and a reliable source of electric power backup.
  • Portable Generator: Portable or mobile generators are available at Daewoo Power Products. You can visit our website for the generator rate in Pakistan. The portable generators are light in weight, small and can easily be moved from one place to another. It can be used for camping, at homes, schools and even at construction sites. Portable generators run for a limited duration until it requires to be refueled. They must be started manually when the power outage happens.

What are the different categories of generators at Daewoo power products?

There is a wide range of electric products on our website. The various categories of generators include:

  • 420 CC
  • 5 kW generators
  • Lithium battery

These are the specifications according to which the 2.5 kva generator price in Karachi Pakistan is determined:

  • Power
  • Voltage
  • Frequency
  • Features
  • Digital Display
  • Circuit breaker
  • Colour
  • Handle
  • Fuel tank
  • Frame design
  • Oil tank cover
  • Cylinder head cover
  • Packaging
  • Battery rack


These are the specifications according to which the table is filled and the final price is determined according to it. The power of 1 kw generator price in Pakistan is around PKR72,000.


 What are the advantages of electric generator?

During storms, low voltage or short circuit when power grid fails, generators are used.

Do you plan to purchase a generator? Then visit Daewoo Power Products for a 7.5 kva generator price in Pakistan.


Prevents health risks:

Too high or too low temperatures cannot be endured. Therefore, you won’t be able to run an air conditioner or a furnace when the power is unavailable. Generator price in Pakistan can be checked from the internet.

In case you have vulnerable children or adults at home who cannot bear scorching temperatures, then installing a generator at your home is significant to keep your appliances turned on.

Therefore, during emergencies, generators are a great option to keep the temperature moderate.

Reduces trouble:

 Power outage for long can cause a lot of troubles. For instance, pipes can freeze during winter. Similarly, with voltage issues lights can get damaged. Moreover, during summer power unavailability can spoil your food and even the frozen food can rot in your refrigerators due to electricity down.

So, you might need to replace food, or order from hotel. Furthermore, you’ll need to fix your broken lights or blocked pipelines. Therefore, having a generator at home can allow all the household systems go on without any troubleshooting. The gas generator price in Pakistan is around 40,000PKR.

Protection against appliances:

Some Electronic appliances are vulnerable and they tend to break down when power outage happens right after returning of electricity.

So, installation of generator prevents such mishaps and provides consistent power to your appliances.

Gasoline generator price in Pakistan are highly affordable and easy on your pocketbook. Daewoo Power Products has high-quality durable products that furnish you with consistent power during emergencies.

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