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Gasoline Chainsaw


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The Gasoline Chainsaw DACS5422Z from Daewoo is a strong, durable, and lightweight chainsaw designed to deal with tough sawing requirements.

Designed for both professional & domestic use. The ergonomically designed handles are fitted with anti-vibration technology to increase comfort and protect the user’s hands, built with safety in mind the responsive safety brake stops the chain instantly in the event of a kick-back.

Engine Type: Air Cooled, 2 strokes, single cylinder
Power: 3.0hp
Bar guide length: 22” (559mm)
Engine speed: 11000rpm
Fuel tank capacity: 520ml
Oil tank capacity: 260ml
Chain pitch: 3/8”a

Parameter Specification
Engine type Single cylinder, 2 strokes, air-cooled engine, 1E45F
Displacement 52 cc
Power 2.1 kW
Engine speed 7500 rpm
Fuel tank capacity 550 ml
Oil tank capacity 260 ml
Guide bar 22″
Chain pitch 0.325″
ACCESSORIES 1pcs guide bar
1pcs chain
1pcs glasses
1pcs gloves
1pcs big fuel mix bottle
1pcs guide bar protector
1pcs tools KIT


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