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Rotary Hammer


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Rotary Hammer:

Introducing the Rotary Hammer (DARH26-105C), a robust and reliable tool designed for precision and efficiency in construction projects. With sleek aluminum parts in black and durable plastic parts in Cool Grey 7C, it combines style with functionality. The soft grip in black ensures comfortable handling during prolonged use. Equipped with a two-function switch in Cool Grey 7C, including a lock pin 021C switch and lock key 021C, it offers ease of operation and enhanced safety. Additionally, it comes with essential accessories such as point and flat chisels, drill bits, carbon brushes, and a dust cover, providing comprehensive support for a variety of tasks.

Parameter Specification
COLOR & FUNCTIONS Aluminum Parts – Black Color
Plastic Parts Cool Grey 7C Color
Soft Grip Black Color
Cool Grey 7C Color Two Function Switch
(With Lock Pin 021C Switch and Lock Key 021C)
Side Handle with Daewoo Logo
Cable 1.0mm 2x2m Rubber Cable
Plug Euro Two Pin Plug
Point Chisel 10x150mm
Flat Chisel
Drill Bits 8, 10, 12x150mm
Carbon Brush 2pcs
Dust Cover


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