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Heat Gun Price in Pakistan (2024) – Find the Best Deals!

The heat gun is a handy tool in Pakistan and it is found in lots of workshops and homes. It blows out hot air and can do many jobs such as removing paint or shrinking wrap. But with so many choices out there and it can be hard to pick the right one, But at Daewoo Power Products, we offer quality heat gun at the best rates. In this we will talk about the heat gun price in Pakistan.  So this gun is best for everyone. Whether you are an expert or use it occasionally, Heat guns are there to help you out. So, in this blog we will discuss the rate of the heat gun at Daewoo Power products.

Learn hot air gun price in Pakistan

The hot gun price in Pakistan depends on many factors.


Reputable brands like Daewoo Power Products usually offer quality materials and construction which leads to a slightly higher price tag compared to other brands. But you need to know that the quality they offer at these rates is unmatchable. However this translates to better performance, durability, and safety features, explaining the cost in the long run.


When buying heat guns and looking for the heat gun machine price in Pakistan, please consider the wattage. Generally, higher-wattage heat guns are more costly. They can produce stronger airflow and higher temperatures making them ideal for heavy-duty tasks.


So the heat air gun price in Pakistan also depends on the features it has. Considering all these features, Daewoo Power Products offer highly affordable heat air guns.  The features that add up the price of the gun are multiple airflow settings, temp setting and designs. Yet these features offer greater control and comfort during use.

Heat Gun Price in Pakistan

Now you have get an idea what factors play a vital role in the mobile heat gun price in Pakistan. So at Daewoo Power Product you will get the following model.

Heat Gun (2000w)

It is a handy tool for many tasks. It works with voltages between 220 to 240V or 50HZ. Beside this it also has a strong 2000W motor. So this heat gun lets you control the temperature precisely. It comes with dual LED lights to show temperatures from 50°C to 600°C. So you would not struggle with the cable length either as it is 2 meters long. Also it has a VDE plug for easy use. Plus, it comes in a BMC package with lots of things like scarpers, glass protector, reflectors, cones, fishtail nozzles and putty knives. So these tools cover everything you require for other projects. Whether you are a professional or a DIY enthusiast this heat gun is a right pick that makes tasks more accessible and more efficient. The part is the heat gun price in Lahore and across the county is same that is ₨10,700.00.

Why Daewoo Power Products for Heat Gun 

At Daewoo Power Products, we know the value of having the right tools for the job. That is why we offer heat guns created to cater to many needs and budgets. 

Top Quality

 We use top grade stuff and undergo rigorous testing to ensure safety and longevity.

Powerful Work

Whether you need a primary heat gun for DIY projects or a high-performance model we have the solution for you.

User Friendly Features

Our heat guns have many temperature settings, airflow options and designs for optimal control.

پہلے حفاظت

We prioritize safety. Our heat guns feature overheats protection and other safety mechanisms for peace of mind while working.

Excellent Value

Here at Daewoo Power Products we offer good value for money. You get top quality and performance without breaking the bank.

Wide Availability

Our heat guns are available online and in major hardware stores across Pakistan.

Daewoo Power Products Offer Fair Prices

We are proud to mention that we offer our customers the best possible rate on heat air guns. Our guns’ feathers and watts are incomparable, and the results are outstanding. To order everything visits the website. It is a few-step process. 

The best part is that we deliver a warranty and offer a customer warranty. So Daewoo Power Products is the place where you find the top quality hot air gun at the most affordable rates.


Choosing the right heat gun in Pakistan is easy but the price matters alone. Learn what affects the price, look for good deals and think about what features you need. Daewoo Power Products offers top heat guns. Our heat guns are famous for their value, performance and safety. Check out our site or visit a hardware store nearby to see our selection. Get the perfect heat gun to spark your creativity and make your DIY projects a breeze.

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