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Daewoo Hedge Trimmer Price in Pakistan

A neat and well maintained garden is the dream of every house owner in Pakistan. But keeping the lawn lovely needs money and effort. The thing that you require to have a smooth and level garden is the Hedge trimmer. Beautiful hedges uplift the entire person of the lawn. But the hedge trimmer price in pakistan can cost you an arm. It is where the Daewoo Hedge Trimmer comes in. Daewoo Power Products offers a range of top hedge trimmers at affordable prices to make gardening life easier.

Daewoo Ideal Headge Trimmer in Pakistan

When choosing the ideal hedge trimmer in Pakistan it is vital to match it to the specific needs. 

Hedge Size and Type

So it matters a lot. For smaller hedges a lightweight electric trimmer could be perfect. But for more extensive or thicker hedges please go for a gas powered model with a longer blade.

Power Source

So the electric trimmers are quieter and require less care but their cord length limits them. Gas powered ones offer more mobility and power but can be noisier and require more upkeep.


 Look out for adjustable blade angles, double sided blades for both vertical and horizontal trimming. Also look for vibration reduction tech for extra comfort during more prolonged use.

Considering these factors you can pick the Daewoo hedge trimmer that fits your gardening needs like a glove. Hence it ensure a perfectly manicured garden every time.

Electric Hedge Trimmer Price in Pakistan

Why to Pick a Daewoo Hedge Trimmer?

Indeed there are many hedge trimmers available in the market, then why choose the Daewoo Hedge Trimmer? There are many reasons for it.

Top Quality

Daewoo Power Products is the name that you can trust. It is famous for its focus on using quality materials and innovating. When you use it you are confident that the result will be pleasing. So if you want to get the profession trim, look for the hedge, then Daewoo Trimmer is the name e that you can trust.

Powerhouse Performance

Also, Daewoo Trimmers have a robust engine, which ensures they can handle even the toughest edges.Now it is a time to say goodbye to manual trimming as Daewoo Trimmers are there to make your life easy.

User-Friendly design

Comfort and control are essential when trimming hedges. Our trimmers boast features such as comfortable grips and lightweight designs. Hence it makes them a pleasure to use.

پہلے حفاظت

We always prioritizes user safety. Many models contain safety features sucha s hand guards and blade protectors to reduce the risk of accidents.

Budget-Friendly Options

There are many hedge trimmer prices in Pakistan but what makes them best is the price. At Daewoo we know that affordability is key. We offer a range of trimmers to suit various budgets. Hence we ensure you can find the right tool without breaking the bank.

hedge trimmer price in pakistan 

Now, let us look at the Daewoo trimmer price in Pakistan and what makes our hedge trimmer the best.

Hedge Trimmer (2STR) 22.5 CC (DHT260)

It is your go to tool for keeping hedges and shrubs in top shape. Packing a punch with its two stroke engine and 22.5CC displacement. So we built it for reliable performance. Pumping out 0.65KW / 0.9HP of power and hitting speeds of up to 7500RPM. So it smoothly trims with precision. Also its 0.6LTR tank capacity ensures long lasting operation. 

With a 600mm bar length and 550mm cutting width you can breeze through large areas effortlessly. And at a knife speed of 1650RPM it is your all-in-one solution for keeping a pristine landscape. Upgrade your trimming game with the Hedge Trimmer (2STR) 22.5 CC (DHT260) power and efficiency in one sleek package. The Daewoo electric hedge trimmer price in pakistan   ₨33,500.00. 

Invest in a Daewoo Hedge Trimmer 

Get your Daewoo Hedge Trimmer today for a stunning garden and saved time. Daewoo trimmers offer top quality, easy to use designs at great prices. Hence it makes it the best for Pakistani homeowners looking for powerful and dependable hedge trimming tools.


The Daewoo Hedge Trimmer is a great deal in Pakistan. It gives you quality, precise engineering and long-lasting impact. Whether you are new to gardening or an expert Daewoo Power Products helps you get perfect results effortlessly.

Why settle for less when you can have the power and precision of Daewoo? Upgrade the gardening game with Daewoo Hedge Trimmers today. It is the best choice for intelligent gardeners all over Pakistan.

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