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Daewoo Grass Cutter or Lawn Mower Price in Pakistan

Who loves the enormous house with a lovely garden and lawn? But do you know the effort behind the lovely lawn? If you are the home owner then you may have an idea how much time and effort it takes to keep your lawn looking lovely and beautiful. Indeed you place flower pots and plant trees but one thing that is tricky in maintaining the gardens is the grass. Yes you have heard me right. So the scorching summers and erratic monsoon seasons can wreak havoc on your grass and leave it overgrown and unkempt. So it is where a reliable grass cutter or lawn mower becomes a vital tool. Before buying you may think about lawn mower prices in Pakistan.

Indeed pricing is a big issue in Pakistan as you may get the lawn mower cost rates. Daewoo Grass cutters are not only affordable but also offer you quality. In this blog we will work on the process of the lawn mower in Pakistan. 

Lawn Mower Price in Pakistan

Daewoo the Name You Can Trust

Daewoo Power Products always offers its customers upfront pricing. We are the brand name for power tools in Pakistan. Here at Daewoo Power Products we have a huge range of grass cutting machines in PakistanWe have lawn mowers in Pakistan that suit different budgets and needs.

Types of Daewoo Grass Cutters

So before we move towards the lawn grass cutting machine price in Pakistan let us check its type. We offer various types of lawn movers based on the budget and need.

Grass Cutters

It is best for small lawns, edges and uneven terrain. Daewoo Power Products offers brush cutter models. These are lightweight and maneuverable perfect for tackling overgrown grass, weeds and shrubs.

لان موور

At Daewoo Power Products we design the lawn movers to maintain the larger lawns and make it even. Here we offer two kinds.

Electric Lawn Mowers

Eco friendly and quieter option and is suitable for small to medium sized lawns. They offer a hassle free work with zero need for gasoline or oil changes. 

Petrol Lawn Mowers

So at Daewoo Power Products it is the most powerful machine. This type of lawn mower is best for thicker grass and more extensive lawns. It has an incredible cutting width and comes with features such as grass mulching and collection.

Daewoo lawn mower price in Pakistan 

Our general grass cutter is affordable compared to others in the market. The following are our seller grass mowers with prices.

LAWN MOWER 21 inch 200CC DLM5300SPL

It is a handy tool for keeping your lawn neat. It has a wide cutting width of 530mm and can do 4 extra things mulching, bagging, side discharge and rear discharge. Also it moves by itself so you would not get tired pushing it around. 

Also the user can adjust the cutting height from 25 to 75mm with 7 settings all controlled from one place for easy use. It is powered by a strong 200cc engine and has a blade diameter of 8/10 inches. Hence it gives you precise and even cutting every time you use it. Do you know the best part? It is only ₨86800.

LAWN MOWER 18 inch 150CC DLM4600SP

This model of ours is perfect for keeping your lawn looking great. So this mower has a cutting width of 460mm and can do 4 things mulching, bagging, side discharge and rear discharge. It moves on its own so you do not have to push it around too much. The best thing is that you can change the cutting height from 25 to 75mm with seven settings all from one spot for easy use. It has a 150cc powerful engine and a blade diameter of 7/8 inches. Do you know this grass cutting machine price in Pakistan? It is only ₨7580.

Electric Lawn Mower DLM1600-E

These electric lawn mowers are perfect for cutting your garden grass at different heights starting from 5 navels. It has a strong and fast engine making it efficient. It is the best for big areas with a cutting width of 34 cm.

The lawn mower works at a voltage of 220V to 240V or 50Hz. It has 1500 W power. It has a cutting width of 360 mm and a no load speed of 3500 rpm. Hence it ensures efficient grass cutting. You can adjust the cutting height to 3 different positions that is 20 mm, 40 mm and 60 mm. The collection bag is of 50 L fabric. It gathers grass clippings reducing the need for frequent emptying. Powered by a brush motor this mower features front wheels measuring 5 inches and rear wheels measuring 7 inches. Hence it offers stability and maneuverability during operation. The electric grass cutter machine price in Pakistan is ₨37500. 


So now you have an idea about the grass cutter price in Pakistan. We offer the top quality cutting tools at the best rates. We have various reliable and affordable tools so you can find one that suits the size of the lawn. With a good Daewoo grass cutter or lawn mower taking care of your lawn will be easy and enjoyable.

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