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Gasoline Water Pump (GAEH50) 2×2 (6.5HP)

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Gasoline Water Pump:

Portable Daewoo gasoline water pump are mainly used for transporting water for domestic, emergency water bailing, and agricultural purposes. They are also used to provide fire protection or to supply irrigation activities. The portability of these machines allows for their use in the most remote and harshest of areas.

Product Specification:

Type: 4-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled Engine power: 6.5 hp / 4.8 kw
Oil tank capacity: 0.6 L
Speed: 3600 rpm
Fuel tank capacity: 4.2 L
Input size: 50 mm/3″
Output size: 50 mm/3″
Lift: 29.5 m
Suction: 7 m
Flow: 30 m³/h

Parameter Specification
Water Pump Type 2″ Water Pump with Panel Frame
Horsepower 6.5HP Engine
Frame Size 28mm Frame
Fuel Tank Capacity 4.2LTR
Oil Tank Color Orange
Recoil Color Black
Fan Cover Color Black
Additional Features
Carburetor Chuwangxin Oil Alert Carburetor
Ignition System Xianfeng Ignition
Camshaft Material Metal
Connector Material Aluminum


11 reviews for Gasoline Water Pump (GAEH50) 2×2 (6.5HP)

  1. Usman Mahmood

    Excellent value for its compact design and reliable power.

  2. Ahsan Ali

    Impressive performance and reliability, highly recommended.

  3. Naveed Khan

    Reliable and efficient, a dependable choice for agricultural tasks.

  4. Bilal Ahmed

    Exceptional performance and durability, well worth the investment.

  5. Noman

    Exceptional performance and reliability, highly recommended for all water transportation needs.

  6. Fahad Ali

    Compact yet powerful, a reliable choice for emergency water transportation.

  7. Waqas Ahmed

    Excellent performance and durability, a top choice for all water transportation tasks.

  8. Khalid Mahmood

    Exceptional performance and reliability, highly recommended for all water transportation needs.

  9. Ali Hassan

    Compact yet powerful, the Gasoline Water Pump (GAEH50) 2×2 (6.5HP) efficiently handles water transportation tasks with ease, making it an ideal choice for emergency situations and small-scale agricultural needs.

  10. Usman

    The Gasoline Water Pump (GAEH50) 2×2 (6.5HP) stands out for its exceptional reliability and efficiency. With its compact size and powerful engine, it’s a valuable asset for various water transportation needs, delivering consistent performance and ease of use.

  11. Saeed Ahmed

    The Gasoline Water Pump (GAEH50) 2×2 (6.5HP) is a reliable solution for various water transportation needs. While its compact design and powerful engine make it suitable for domestic use and emergency water bailing, it may struggle with larger-scale agricultural irrigation due to its limited flow rate.

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