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Water Pump 7HP 4×4 GAEH100


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Water Pump:

Introducing the Water Pump 7HP 4×4 GAEH100, a reliable and powerful solution for various water pumping needs. This 4-inch water-pump features a sturdy panel frame for stability during operation. Powered by a robust 7.0HP engine with a frame size of 28mm, it delivers efficient performance. With a fuel tank capacity of 4.2LTR and an eye-catching orange oil tank, it ensures uninterrupted operation. Equipped with additional features such as the Chuwangxin Oil Alert Carburetor and Xianfeng Ignition system, along with a durable metal camshaft and aluminum connectors, this water-pump offers durability and reliability for both residential and commercial applications.

Parameter Specification
Water-Pump Type 4″ Water-Pump with Panel Frame
Horsepower 7.0HP Engine
Frame Size 28mm Frame
Fuel Tank Capacity 4.2LTR
Oil Tank Color Orange
Recoil Color Black
Fan Cover Color Black
Additional Features
Carburetor Chuwangxin Oil Alert Carburetor
Ignition System Xianfeng Ignition
Camshaft Material Metal
Connector Material Aluminum



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